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Project Overview

The BCTFA is an association that overlooks high school track and field athletics throughout British Columbia. Working together with some members of BCTFA executive council, I have worked on various projects to create promotional material for their yearly major event of their Provincial Championships. This has included the creation of a poster, sponsorship booklet and records program for their 50th Anniversary of the event, as well as maintaining and updating their records programs for the Provincial Championships after 2017. These materials have reached audiences of event athletes, representatives from their various sponsors as well as spectators of all ages in attendance of the event.

Additional projects have included working together with the BCTFA to create branding identity for their first International Conference of Athletic Excellence beginning in 2018. Promotional materials include creating the event logo and brochures to provide conference attendees with more informaton about the event.

Click here to view the full digital PDF of the 2022 BC School Sports Championships Records Program.

Additional Note: Images used in these projects are taken by Vid Wadhwani, Ron Morley and other various photographers.

The front cover designs of the records booklets created for the BCTFA Provincal Championships 2022, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

The event brochure created for the 2019 International Conference of Athletic Excellence.

Langley Flippers banner.

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