Fall 2022


Game Programmer

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Scripting (C#)


Alex King

Shirley Liang

Ricky Lin

Crystal Wei

Project Overview

BIOME: Find My Way Home is a 2.5D isometric-style strategy-adventure (puzzle-adventure) game set in a forest with puzzle solving mechanics, and includes narrative that guides the player through different levels and locations within the game world. This is a student term-project created for an class on Advanced Game Design.

The main target audience is all ages and genders, more specifically casual players who enjoy games involving discovery and narrative. The unique factor of this game is that it aims to be a transformative game that educates and informs the audience of the impacts of humans on the habitats of animals and the ecosystem. The game will showcase a mix of cutscene illustrations and unique character models that the player can encounter and interact with within the forest. It takes on a semi-realistic storyline as it tackles real-life situations that can occur in nature around us, but in a more digestible and fun way. Art-wise, it is a more stylized approach, with dynamic colours, textures, and animations; such style is inspired by and a combination of Animal Crossing, QV, and Minecraft.

Game Description

The player will play as Laurel, a teenage girl who is uninformed about how animals are affected by human impact. As the player plays the game, Laurel (and the player) will learn of the struggles of animals and the effects of humans on ecosystems after interacting with different animals in different levels. Such animals include frogs, bears, a rabbit, a deer, a bobcat, and ducks; all are animals that can be found in a forest. As the player explores each level map, they can also encounter tools and objects that will assist them in their forest-saving journey.

Additional Notes: Visuals have been designed by members of the team and audio files of this project and in the demo video belong to its respectful owners on

Screenshots of the game through Levels 1-3, showcasing the different enivronment and lighting settings within the level.

Various screenshots of BIOME: Find Our Way Home gameplay.

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