Spring 2023


Graphic Design

Layout Design






Project Overview

The Octet is a fictional student magazine project for a graphic design class. The task of this course project was to envision a magazine print publication and create an effective magazine for a distinctive audience. Components that were created for this project included flatplans, article spreads, cover design, table of contents, advertisements, and content designed for a digital format.

Original article and photography credit: Veronica Bonderud. Additional photography credit (TOC "Page 52" Photo): William Lam.

Brand Description

The prefix oct comes from the Greek word oktṓ, which means eight. In music, an octet is a musical composition or group consisting of eight different parts. Although one part could perform without the other, together, they conduct roaring symphonious melodies filled with life, love, connection and community.

Editorial Mandate

The Octet is a Vancouver-based indie-alternative rock music and entertainment magazine. Our quarterly issue highlights our insights into the latest musical appearances in town with exclusive images photographed from these live events. We feature articles on entertaining Q&A-styled interviews of trending artists, insightful expert advice in the music production process, and inspiring stories of emerging talented creatives of diverse Canadian backgrounds. Stay in the loop with quick reads on the coolest indie trends and collect all of The Octet’s Flexi-disc selected issue singles for your music collection. Together, may the music be greater than the sum of its parts.

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