Fall 2018


Graphic Design

Layout Design




Project Overview

The creation of this Alessi poster is a student project for a graphic design class. The task for the project was to create an 11x17” public advertising poster for an upcoming local design exhibit in Vancouver. I chose the option to advertise for an exhibition of Alessi products located at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

In researching the brand and its products, I created a cohesive design that incorporates appropriate typefaces, graphics and imagery corresponding to the company's image. The final advertisement poster incorporates an image of a lemon juicer made by Alessi, one of Alessi’s most known products, and dominant monochrome colour palette of red tones to correspond with companies colours. I wanted the text and colours to create a strong contrast to draw the attention to the public, while keeping a clean layout that showcases the product and informs viewers of key information about the event.

This project is not affiliated with Alessi or the Vancouver Art Gallery. Images and graphics used to create the following posters belong to Alessi, the Vancouver Art Gallery and their respective owners.

The initial sketches to brainstorm the design of the Alessi poster.

Pictured above from top to bottom and left to right: the final poster design and the three prototype mockup designs.

BCTFA Banner.

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